Parent Service Hours Program


As part of student enrollment, a minimum number of parent service hours are required each semester and are calculated based on the number of days/hours individual students are enrolled each week. The semester periods cover Sept-Dec and Jan- May. Families with more than one child in the program will be expected to fulfill all required service hours up to a maximum of 20 hours per school year. Extra hours will not carry over from one semester to the next.

Service hours can be satisfied in a variety of ways. First, we encourage parent participation in our classrooms.  Time spent in the classroom is helpful to our teachers and provides an excellent opportunity to monitor your child's progress in class. In order to meet health, safety, and class ratio standards, when volunteering in classrooms, arrangements for siblings will need to be made. All volunteers require a background check when volunteering in the classroom. Also, there are also times when we need your help with certain services, such as cleaning, painting, repairing equipment and the facility. This is a great help in reducing our operating costs. Finally a minimum of one hour each semester must be applied to the main fall and spring fundraising events.


Families that do not fulfill their service hours will be charged $20 per uncompleted hour.


Parent service hours required are as follows*:

2 day preschool classes:  3 hrs per semester

3 day preschool classes:  4.5 hrs per semester

4 day preschool classes:  6 hrs per semester

5 day preschool classes:  7.5 hrs per semester


Half-Day Kindergarten:  7.5 hrs per semester

All day Kindergarten/First Grade:  10 hrs per semester


*Families receiving scholarship assistance are required to complete service hours in addition to those noted above.