As a NAEYC accredited school, Hilltop Christian School's curriculum is created around developmentally appropriate teaching practices as defined by the NAEYC.  Developmentally appropriate practices refers to teaching children in ways that reflect how they learn. Our program addresses the needs of the whole child taking into account all of their developmental needs:  physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive.

At Hilltop Christian School, we:

• provide a hands-on multi-sensory learning environment
• promote self-esteem and positive modeling
• recognize each child as an individual
• provide an educational structure that is academically rewarding
• include music, art, physical fitness, computers, and foreign language

• encourage family involvement utilizing the unique skills and talents of the parents to support the specific needs of the school


Preschool Curriculum

Kindergarten/First Grade Curriculum

Chapel Curriculum

Preschool Chapel Curriculum

Kindergarten Chapel Curriculum

Utah Early Childhood Core Standards