Our Philosophy


At Hilltop Christian School, our approach centers on personal, interactive instruction by experienced teachers who see each child as an individual.  Children are encouraged to learn by exploring the world around them, and to communicate and express themselves clearly and confidently.

We believe in a solid grounding in academics and in teaching children to be creative problem solvers. We believe in teaching children values like honesty, kindness and patience, so they will develop morality and integrity.



At Hilltop Christian School, we:

• provide a hands-on multi-sensory learning environment
• promote self-esteem and positive modeling
• recognize each child as an individual
• provide an educational structure that is academically rewarding
• include music, art, physical fitness, computers, and foreign language
• encourage family involvement utilizing the unique skills and talents of the parents to support the specific needs of the school


Summer Camp

Summer is coming! Are you ready to have fun? Our summer camps will keep your kids moving and learning. We have 5 camp sessions, each with a different theme, for ages 3 through 1st Grade. You can sign up for a single day or all three days each week. Registration is open! See you at camp!